• PCCI | 2002
    2002 - The beginning PCCI opens its first contact center in Senegal with initially 300 seats. In 2005, the capacity of the Senegal site increased to 800 seats following the first extension of the business.
  • PCCI | 2010
    2010 - PCCI created a subsidiary in Cote dIvoire PCCI opened its 1st subsidiary in 2010 in Cote d’Ivoire after starting a partnership with MTN Cote d’Ivoire in 2007. At the same time, PCCI developed its own contact center technology solution IPVOX
  • PCCI | 2012
    2012 - Expansion in Central Africa PCCI extended its activities to Cameroon after signing a contract with Orange Cameroon to operate their contact center
  • PCCI | 2015
    2015 - PCCI awarded the MTN BPO RFP with 5 countries PCCI Group opens five new contacts centers after winning a 5-year outsourcing contract with MTN Group. The new contact centers are established in Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, Republic of Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Republic of Congo.
  • PCCI | 2017
    2017 - PCCI extended in East Africa PCCI opens in Tanzania a 500-seat call center to support Tigo Tanzania. With PCCI Tanzania, the group is expanding its operations in the English-speaking market.
  • PCCI | 2019
    2019 - PCCI established a new contact center in Togo In 2019, PCCI started supporting Moov Togo Telecom
  • PCCI | 2022

    2022 - PCCI celebrates its 20th anniversary under the theme "Happy with PCCI" and opens three new contact centers

    For its 20th anniversary, PCCI places the employee experience at the center of its strategy through the "Happy with PCCI" program. The year was also marked by the opening of a third contact center in Abidjan and second ones in Douala and Dakar. PCCI now operates 12 contact centers in 8 countries in Africa.

Our history

  • PCCI Group, one of the Pan-African leaders in customer operations outsourcing , was created in 2001. With 20 years of experience in the management of inbound and outbound contacts, back office operations, fulfillment and digital channels, PCCI has now presence in 8 countries in Africa. The Group operates 12 contact centers for large companies in the telecommunications, media, banking industries as well for institutional players such as governments, NGOs, etc.

  • Mainly focused on outsourcing operations in 2002, PCCI group has diversified its offer over the years to support its customers both in Europe and in Africa. PCCI’s customers operate in several markets, particularly in Europe (France, Belgium), West Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Togo), Central Africa (Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville), in East Africa, specifically in Tanzania.

  • PCCI Group is established over the past 20 years as a key player in the contact center industry in Africa thanks to its expertise and ability to support large groups in their major customer operations challenges. The group supports major companies such as MTN, Orange, Canal+, Free, Tigo in several countries.

    In 2022, PCCI group operates more than 1,400 contact center seats with a workforce of 2,500 agents in 8 countries. PCCI services are delivered in more than 10 languages including French, English, Portuguese, Swahili, etc. PCCI Group has from inception focused on diversity and today employs people from 30 different nationalities.

  • Since 2002, PCCI group offered a 1st job to more than 17,000 young people in Africa and trained them to customer service and support. This participation in job creation in many countries in Africa has been honored on several occasions by local authorities.

Our mission and values

  • PCCI


    Make every contact with a client an exceptional experience.

    We carry our values with pride and live them every day.

    We have built a unique expertise in our industry with key skills. We are committed to fulfilling our promise and we are honoring our commitments.

    Our company is created rigorous to offer a constant high level quality, but also flexible to respond effectively to the challenges of the moment.

    To be close to our customers, we anticipate their needs and create solutions for the future to meet their current expectations.

    Our determination is unshakeable. Only the satisfaction of our customers guides our daily actions.

    We do what we promise and we do it well.

Our corporate culture

The Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Management Committee constitute the team that provides leadership and oversees the continuous growth of the PCCI group. PCCI’s management has proven expertise in all areas of customer operations. PCCI’s management team is the combination of several complementary profiles, various nationalities and different managerial cultures. This diversity contributes significantly to the success of the group in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

Happy with PCCI

We put people at the heart of our strategy by focusing on both the customer experience and the employee experience. We believe that to serve the customer well, PCCI agent must be in the best conditions. This synergy of attention to the customer and the employee guides our actions through the “Happy with PCCI” program which emphasizes well-being at work through the work-environment (conducive environment ), social life in business, sports, etc.

  • PCCI | Vie
  • PCCI | Vie
  • PCCI | Vie

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment

At PCCI, we firmly believe that economic performance goes hand in hand with our social responsibility. This is the reason why we give pride of place to our social responsibility in our global strategy through numerous actions.As a socially responsible company, we are committed to protecting the environment by minimizing the negative impacts that may arise from our operations.In addition, we offer our employees a safe and conducive work environment while providing them with continuous training

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