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  • PCCI | Canal+


    Customer Service and loyalty campaigns

    For 12 years, PCCI has supported Canal + on Inbound, outbound and digital contact management in Africa

    • Growth of the customer base through Telesales and customer loyalty campaigns
    • Managing seasonal peaks ( end of the year, sports events, etc.)
    • Inform customers and prospects about Canal+ products and services
    • Assist customers in the use of products and services
    • Handle customer complaints
    • Streamline contact processing costs



    • Implementation of customer operations with a scope covering up to 20 countries
    • Operations in-scope: Telesales, collections, commercial and technical assistance, digital channels support
    • Performance-based business model
    • 12 years partnership
    • +5 million upgraded customers
    • +3 million subscriptions renewal
    • 1.5 million new customers acquired
    • Total increase in revenue estimated at 8 million euros per year
    • PCCI regularly ranks among the top 3 BPO providers for Canal + Africa
  • PCCI | Bridge Bank

    Bridge Bank

    Provision of staff and contact center platform and a workflow management system

    Bridge Bank called on PCCI to provide human resources and also a contact center platform to process its customers’ requests.

    • Staff agents well-trained to deal with banks customers requests 
    • Deploy a contact center platform integrating a request tracking workflow softwar
    • Reduce contact handling costs
    • Provision of a contact center platform  for Inbound and outbound campaigns
    • Provision of agents trained in Customer Service and Bridge Bank products and services
    • Perform survey and customer satisfaction campaigns
    • Improved Customer Service processing times
    • Traceability of request follow-up
    • Continuity of service during the Covid health crisis
    • Reduced customer requests processing costs
  • PCCI | MTN


    Customer Experience Management for the MTN Group in 5 Operations in Africa

    Since 2015, PCCI has been providing customer support to the MTN group by handling inbound, outbound and digital contacts for 5 countries.

    • Manage the transition from the previous partners in several countries at the same time
    • Reduce contact volumes by optimizing the contacts processed via the IVR and the Selfcare
    • Improve key performance indicators (SL, NPS, CSAT etc.)
    • Reduce SLAs for processing top contact reasons at the Contact Center
    • Streamline contact processing costs
    • Take over the incoming, outgoing, digital and back office contacts management as well as the IVR
    • Upgrade from traditional IVR to transactional IVR with a processing rate performance beyond 80%
    • Deployment of PCCI’s contact center technology to save processing costs
    • Agreement on a flat-rate business model allowing costs to serve to be controlled
    • Rebadging of more than 800 agents
    • Best practice sharing between countries saving time in the execution of the customer service transformation program
    • 7 years at the service of MTN  group
    • Serving 26 million customers a year
    • 44 million contacts processed per year
    • Drastic reduction in processing costs at the contact center
  • PCCI | Free


    Customer Relationship Management for Tigo in 2 countries

    Since 2010, PCCI has been providing customer support to Tigo by handling inbound, outbound and digital contacts for 2 countries.

    • Improved contact center accessibility
    • Streamline of front office processes to reduce request processing times
    • Deployment of powerful tools for monitoring and processing customer requests.
    • Change the contact center platform not adapted to the needs of Customer Service
    • Revamp the reporting format that was not well-designed for customer service performance monitoring
    • Outsourcing of incoming, outgoing, digital and back office operations
    • Stqffing resizing for better contact center accessibility
    • Implementation of a performance based business model
    • Rebadging of over 750 agents
    • Implementation of PCCI’s contact center platform allowing a significant reduction in contact center management costs.
    • Deployment of tools to increase request processing performance at the contact center and branch level
    • Optimization of the customer journey and  processes at the front and back office
    • Redesign and automation of business reports
    • The performance-based business model to led to 30% cost reduction
    • Processing of 20% more contacts compared to the period prior to outsourcing with PCCI
    • Improvement of contact center KPIs – SL above 80%, Quality of service at 90%, average ticket closing time below 24H
    • Serving 15 million customers
    • 40 million contacts per year
  • PCCI | Orange


    Customer Relationship Management for Orange group in 6 countries

    Since 2004, PCCI has been providing customer support to Orange group by handling incoming, outgoing and digital contacts for 6 countries

    • Improved accessibility of contact center
    • Improvement of key activity indicators (SL, Abandon rate, CSAT etc.)
    • Deploy and maintain COPC compliant customer operations
    • Ensure a continuity plan for contact center activities
    • Support transformation projects around digitalization and mobile money
    • Reduce contact handling costs
    • Outsourcing of incoming, outgoing, digital and back office operations
    • Deployment of new contact centers compliant with Orange standards
    • Integration of COPC standard requirements into PCCI’s customer operations
    • + 900 agents on Orange operations
    • Sharing best practices between opcos
    • Flexibility during growth and downsizing phases
    • 18 years at the service of Orange Customer Relations operations
    • PCCI is one of the key partners in Customer Relations with Orange in Africa
    • Regular achievement of SL objectives, abandon rate, CSAT
    • 7-time certified COPC as an Orange contact center partner
    • Serving 27 million customers per year
    • 55 million contacts per year

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